Morley Blades Fencing Club

Sword fighting in London every Tuesday! Why not come and give us a try?

Morley Blades fencing club

Morley Blades fencing club has been around for a long time. We started in the 1950s (our oldest active member has been at the club 17 years). In the 1970s we became affiliated with Morley College and their fencing courses for beginners. Sadly, as of 2011, Morley College has had to close their course but the club is still going strong, and still teaching beginners how to fence.

If you already know how to fence you're welcome to join the club – we'd like to have you! We fence all three weapons – foil, epée and sabre. The club runs every Tuesday evening, from 7pm to 9pm, and costs just £130 to join for three months. Unlike most fencing clubs, we have all the necessary equipment available to borrow, so there's no need to buy your own to fence with us.

Everyone is welcome – if you've just started fencing we have people who have just completed the beginners' course, and if you're a more experienced fencer you may have met some of us at fencing competitions over the last 17 years.

The first of the two hours is free fencing time. In the second, we have individual or group lessons from our coach, Mick Johnson – and more fencing, of course.

If you alreay know how to fence, you're very welcome to come along for a night and give us a try! Guest fee: £10

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